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Who we are

Who we are

There is no better incentive than the thankfulness of our clients and of the patients they are serving

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Understanding that small and midsized life science companies cannot sustain the same levels of risk or survive the same delays as established pharmaceutical companies, I created ILife Consulting to be a like-minded partner to best accompany emerging, innovative biotechs and medtechs in their early clinical development phases.

Because we care about your innovation and about the patients who await them, we make it our personal mission to provide each and every one of you, our clients, with the best, most cost efficient, clinical operations resources and services you could hope for.  Our aim is to treat each project, each innovation, each trial, each data point, like it was our own.

At ILife Consulting, we systematically consider our clients’ corporate objectives to provide an optimal solution and return on investment, creating value along the way.


Marina Iché, CEO, ILife Consulting

Our aproach

Our approach

From a resource provider to a value-creating partner

ILife Consulting, guided by principles of integrity, driven by collaboration and a passion for innovation enables emerging life science companies to bring their cutting-edge products to patients in need as quickly as possible, contributing to the company’s success and growth by supporting their clinical development.


We provide strategic thinking and operational resources in clinical development to support your needs, your growth and your success.

Mastering the data as it is generated is essential to your business. It allows you to quickly adjust a study protocol to capture potential differentiating factors when it comes to Marketing Authorization Applications, (MAA) or to rapidly communicate on study progress to stakeholders to secure milestones or raise additional funds.


We understand that time matters, it matters to you and to the patients you serve.

ILife Consulting Approach
Life of a startup
Our Values

Our values

We mobilize our resources and energy to ensure a successful partnership with our clients.

We listen and capitalize on our expertise to identify and bring the best possible solutions to support our clients in achieving their goals in the most productive and efficient manner thus raising their attractiveness for investors and potential partners while reassuring stakeholders.

We rely on the competence and integrity of our team members whose dedication and energy drive us to work swiftly and obtain results. We thrive on the gratitude of our clients and of the patients they are serving.

ILife Consulting Values

The right team, the right competencies, the right experience, the right tools
No gimmicks, no added or hidden costs
A pragmatic solution for pragmatic clients

Our team

Our team

Helping you build a high-quality, well-rounded team

We have a human sized dedicated team with academic, CRO and industry background:

  • Strong clinical and business understanding with science degrees, including PhDs and Pharmacists

  • Broad life sciences experience in research, development, quality assurance, consulting, private fund, and business development

  • Focused on a limited number of projects at any given time

Marina Iché



Founder and


Audrey Mabanza



Clinical Project Manager

Celine Leparquier



Clinical and Regulatory Affairs Director

Ophelie Orsset so.png



Clinical Project Manager

 Aline Schindelé



Clinical Development  Director

Laurence Damier



Clinical Project Manager

Geographical reach

ILife Consulting is a French, Paris based company, serving primarily small and midsized emerging life sciences companies targeting the European and North American healthcare market.

For clinical trial execution, ILife Consulting operates in Europe directly and partners with North American clinical CROs to monitor investigators sites in Canada and in the USA.

We have established partnerships with niche CROs in North America and other regions to match our clients market strategy and operational needs.

World Map

Our clinical research associates

ILife Consulting conducts clinical trials throughout Europe with the help of highly experienced, office-based Clinical Research Associates (CRAs) and freelance, local CRA collaborators who closely manage site performance throughout Europe and provide remote monitoring in North America.

Testimonials of some of our freelance CRAs (clinical research associates). Click on flags!

Geographical reach
Our partners

Our partners

We rely on an extensive network of carefully selected, like-minded partners covering CMC regulatory, nonclinical regulatory, eDC, biometry, vigilance and quality assurance services.

Preferred partners

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INITS is a dynamic consultancy firm driven by quality and innovation. Assisting biotech companies to deliver medicines that have a significant impact on patients’ lives is their commitment. 

We are specialized in drug development support and management, covering CMC (Chemistry, Manufacturing, and Controls), IMP (Investigational Medicinal Products), regulatory, quality assurancee and audits.

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