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Case studies

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ImCheck Therapeutics
March 26, 2020

First Patient Dosed in EVICTION Trial Evaluating ImCheck’s Lead Anti-Cancer Drug, ICT01: A Novel Gamma Delta

T Cell-Activating Immunotherapy

ImCheck Therapeutics
EVICTION study at SITC 2020

Preliminary Results in Solid Tumor Patients with ICT01, a First-in-Class, γ9δ2 T Cell Activating Antibody Targeting Butyrophilin 3A

Smart Immune
Oct 13, 2021

Smart Immune Receives IRB Approval For Phase 1/2 Clinical Trial of Proprietary Allogeneic T-cell Product Smart-101 (ProTcellTM) for AML and ALL
Trial to commence in November 2021

ImCheck Therapeutics
EVICTION-2 study at SITC 2022

Enhancing the Anti-tumor Immunity and Therapeutic Potential of ICT01 a Butyrophilin 3A γ9δ2 T Cell-Activating Monoclonal Antibody with Low Dose IL-2 in Patients with Advanced Solid Tumors

ImCheck Therapeutics
Sept.10, 2020

ImCheck Achieves Initial Positive Independent Safety Review
and Initiates Next Stage of Phase I/IIa EVICTION Trial for ICT01

ImCheck Therapeutics
Nov.11, 2020

ImCheck Presents at SITC First Clinical Demonstration of Gamma Delta T Cell Activation and Tumor Infiltration with Positive Safety for ICT01

ImCheck Therapeutics
November 11, 2022


ImCheck Presents Initial Patient Data from the EVICTION-2 Clinical Trial at SITC Annual Meeting

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