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Testimonial of a CRA monitoring trials in The Netherlands

How many years of experience do you have as a CRA?

Since 1996, so 26 years including 8 years with ILife Consulting

What country(ies) do you operate in?

The Netherlands

What type of products have you been working on as a CRA?

Medical devices and drugs: mAb, small molecule, cell therapy, gene therapy, vaccines, live organism

What therapeutic experience do you have?

Oncology (solid tumors & hematology), neurology, central nervous system, stroke, anesthesia, cardiology, autoimmune dermatology, ophtalmonogy, respiratory


What do you like most in your monitoring activity and why?

The communication part, finding solutions, being proactive and creative. It is the constant development of myself, in knowledge, skills, experience, relationships, efficiency.

How would you describe your collaboration with ILife Consulting?

Valued, never had the feeling I am working for them, but with them.

What do you like about ILife Consulting?

The people, their way of thinking, of handling things, not letting things go, slip through anything. The commitment of the PM, the knowledge and also the awareness and heartfelt senior oversight and care of the CEO for her own people but also for people like me that work as a consultant. Everyone is SEEN by ILife Consulting. Everything.

What does it mean to you working with ILife Consulting?

Feeling at home and in a safe environment is a treasure.

Anything else you would like to share with us?

I feel honored to be part of it and I think when a company can give that to its collaborators it is fantastic and the basis of what (in my opinion) ILife Consulting stands for: quality, commitment, ownership, responsibility and honesty.


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